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    JK Dead in Parking Spot. Only 4,000 Miles old! - Help!

    Today wife drove JK Unlimited Sahara to town. Parked in a spot and locked the door with the key fob lock button. She returned to the car, opened the door with the key since the key fob unlock button wont work, got in and tried to start the car. Dash lights go on, but car will not crank at all. Silence. Not a single click at all.

    Moved the car to neutral thinking the shift lock was engaged.

    We returned to the JK with the spare key and neither key fob works for lock. unlock or panic. Yet, dash lights are on bright if you turn the key.

    Tonight, as we tried the second key same result. Dash lights and dome light on, but no crank and no noise. This time the alarm went off and there was no way to shut it - neither the key turned in the ignition or the key fob button would work.

    Car sits in the parking spot and tow truck coming tomorrow.

    Super bummed.

    Anyone have info on this problem? Are there any TSBs? We have been trouble free until now.

    Meaningful technical comments appreciated.

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    Sounds like the "sentry" system is working against you here. Something happened to the key fob and will probably have to be reprogrammed. The dealer (or someone here on the web) may know possibly things that can happen to the key or system to make this happen.

    Sorry it happened! Let us know the solution!

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    You don't have a kill switch do you?

    You could try replacing the key fob battery, though this is very likely not the problem since neither one worked.

    Good luck!


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