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    Should I Buy This YJ?

    Im looking to purchase my first Jeep, and I found the following:

    1989 Wrangler YJ, its got the 258 Inline 6, manual tranny, has a Holley carb on it.

    No back seat, and it has the hardtop off a Scrambler, so it looks kinda like a small pickup...the frame looks decent, but certainly needs some attention. The rear part on the passenger side has a hole in it where the shock mounts. The rear mounts for the leaf springs have been rewelded on and look good and strong. The floor underneath and a little behind both the front seats is rusted through a bit too. The body looks great as far as rust, could use some sanding and repainting though.

    Needs new rear brake lines.

    It did start and run great when he started it for me. Idled high at first, then settled down after a few minutes of running. Has no roll bar either, but he said I can have the Scrambler one, and cut/fab it to fit I guess.

    Any suggestions? I got him down to $700, but it'll be about $850 after I rent the trailer and burn some diesel getting there and back. The rust, especially on the frame, scares me a little...but it did sound like it ran real well, which is certainly a plus.

    Thanks guys!!! Can't wait to enter the "Jeep Community"...if not with this YJ, Ill find another, but what do you all think?

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    I'm not a fan of starting with a rusting frame or body tub. However - I live in the pacific northwest where we don't salt the roads and such as they do on the East Coast.


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