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    TJ or XJ front driveshaft in YJ????

    first of all my front pinion angle is off. it's pointed almost right at the tcase output.

    second the slip part of my driveshaft is worn out and has a disturbing amount of play in it.

    so instead of repairing or replacing the current front driveshaft and putting shims under my front axle, i figured it might be easier just to get a tj or xj front c/v style driveshaft which would solve both problems

    so will it fit? is it the right length installed with the cv joint? (assuming tj and xj are the same, i dont know)

    and if they fit i'm sure i'll need a new t case output yoke for that c/v joint, is there an easy place to find one? thank you

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    quadratec has the front (edit: tcase output) yoke.

    yes it (drive shaft) will fit.

    Your front pinion angle sounds normal.


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