1986 CJ7 258 nutter and ignition mod complete Valve cover replaced

Ok so I do have my renegade on the road daily now and my gas mileage has increased from 11mpg to 13.5mpg just by doing the nutter bypass and ignition upgrade.

Next is to rebuild the carb, I cleaned it out with seafom, but it probably needs rebuilding.

My question is this, have the original exhaust and its beat up pretty bad. every once in awhile it becomes clogged the engine sound pitches up and i have to let it go to idle and punch it in neutral to clean it out then its ok again. I'm thinking of just replacing the pipe to the header and installing a flowmaster (not going to put a cat back in).

While I'm working on this, should I just go ahead and replace the exhaust header? I was hopeing to do that later when I do an engine rebuild. If I do replace the exhaust header, later on will I want to replace the intake header?

emissions not so much of a concern.

Thanks and have a jeepin day!