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    Ok I cant decide. What would you guys do?

    I have gathered many parts and have yet really decide what I am gonna use. So I need to pick a drivetrain. What would you guys do. Here is what I have:

    Keep in mind my rear end is model 20 with 4.10 gears

    OKay so the engine I will use is a fuel injected chevy 350.

    Other parts I have:

    Nv4500(currently attached to chevy 350 and I think it has issues with 5th gear...might be failing like so many others have)

    2 Sm465's (1 2wd and 1 4wd both would need 500 dollar adapters to work)

    dana 20 xfer (needs rebuilt)

    np205 (attached to nv4500/Chevy 350 combo)

    t150 (needs rebuilding but I have the adapter to mate to chevy 350)

    What would you guys do?

    I am leaning toward the 350, 4500, 205 but I need to fix the 4500's fifth gear issue

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    I personally would use the 350 4500 205 combo. It also depends on if you are going to be doing much crawling. The sm465 will have the lowest gearing but having the overdrive and strength of the nv4500 would be sweet.

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    I've never had much love for the NP205 in a CJ, they're big and heavy, hang down low, are too wide, make for an overly long combination (with a resulting short rear driveshaft) and have a pathetic low range ratio.

    If it were my build I would make a trade to someone for a 700R4 slushbox and a Dana 300. If you're sold on rowing your own gears I'd go with the NV4500 for the simplicity of not dealing with expensive adapter.


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