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(from Carlsson Press Release) New vehicle launch: Carlsson CML35 starting at 69,900 euros
• Complete aerodynamics package
• Intelligent suspension control via iPhone app
• Increase in performance to 310 hp and 700 Nm
• Small series production in Gut Wiesenhof for the German market
Car tuning manufacturer Carlsson is now introducing an SUV onto the market, in the form of the Carlsson CML35, which will be available as a complete vehicle from October 1 starting at just 69,900 euros (including sales tax). The Carlsson designers have gone to work on the profile with real flair and skill. Just the dynamically shaped Carlsson front apron attachment on its own gives the vehicle an entirely deliberate presence without being overpowering. Combined with the Carlsson double headlamp unit with integrated LED daytime running lights and Carlsson grille inserts made of electro-polished stainless steel mesh, the Carlsson CML35 has a distinctive-looking front and a unique light design which goes perfectly with the installed Intelligent Light System.
A natural adoption of the profile is achieved by the designers using adapted Carlsson fender flares and the Carlsson side skirts. The Carlsson rear apron attachment with double-inlet sports rear silencer perfects the look of the rear.
The Carlsson CML35 has a standard performance of 228 kW (310 hp) and an impressive 700 Nm at engine speeds of between 1,600 and 2,400 rpm. All the parameters of the Carlsson electronics are aligned to the specified nominal values in milliseconds to guarantee constant driving enjoyment without increased wear. If one of the main parameters deviates from the norm, for example due to extremely heavy loading of the vehicle when towing in summer, the Carlsson C-Tronic® automatically makes adjustments to increase the power until these standard values are again achieved.
Dynamic-handling and practical assistance are provided for the new ML by the latest generation of the Carlsson C-Tronic® SUSPENSION module with integrated “iPhone connectivity” based on the Airmatic suspension. The parameters of the Carlsson C-Tronic® SUSPENSION module can be conveniently configured via a Carlsson app. The Carlsson app enables the chassis to be dynamically adjusted in line with customer input values. The Carlsson C-Tronic® SUSPENSION module identifies a poor road surface automatically from the constant strong compressions and adapts the vehicle height to suit the road within milliseconds. This product therefore guarantees the best possible comfort and the optimal residual spring deflection. The lowering continues to be configured according to the speed, thereby enhancing the dynamic handling. When the engine is switched off, the Carlsson C-Tronic® SUSPENSION module lowers the vehicle and switches to sleep mode, thus conserving the vehicle battery.
The interior of the Carlsson CML35 also stands out. Upgrades to the interior include door sills with an illuminated Carlsson logo, door locking pins, Carlsson aluminum pedal covers and high-quality high-pile velour floor mats.
The Carlsson CML35 is available starting at just 69,900.00 euros RRP including sales tax, and can be fitted with a wide range of extras on request. These include the options offered by Mercedes-Benz as well as a freely configurable leather/Alcantara interior from the Carlsson “Signature Line” starting at 4,986.10 euros. No limits are placed on the customer’s imagination. The diverse range of carbon and wood trims, as well as the Carlsson leather that is dyed to the customer’s specification, allows every owner to have their vehicle customized to their own unique design. It naturally comes with a two-year guarantee, as well as the option of using the customer services at any Mercedes-Benz dealership.

Source: http://www.carversation.com/2012/10/...es-benz-cml35/