I'm in the market for replacement gas tank, and may have found one online. I have spoken with the owner, and he is going to be checking on shipping for me tomorrow. The tank is polyurethane and doesn't come with a skid. My skid is almost completely rusted away, so I won't be reusing mine.

But there is a small problem. The owner of the tank doesn't have much info about it at all. He thinks it is about 20 gallons. This is what I'm looking for, but I need a skid that will fit it. Where do I find this skid plate at?

I would guess the tank is aftermarket equipment, so do I need to buy a 20 gal skid, or can I get a 15 and an adapter? I've looked around on the net a bit, and all I can find is some extremely high priced and heavy duty skid plates available. Am I looking in the wrong place?