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    Off Road Lights: Halogen, HID or LED?

    So I have been browsing around and trying to find the right lights for the TJ and after looking for a bit I have noticed that there isnt a whole lot of separation between the LED and HID price point and the nicer Halogens.

    I know that Halogens are the most straight forward, but each have their advantages. I'd assume that HIDs put out the most light but are the most fragile and LEDs are durable as hell but throw light in every direction.

    Has anyone gone a route other than Halogen for their off road lights?

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    the thing with led vs hid is led is ment to be seen and hid is ment to illuminate hence newer cars having led tail lights and hid head lights although ive seen some pretty good led fog lights

    i had 35w hid fog lights on my old blazer they were great then i put the hids in my head lights and replaced the fog light bulbs with 55w hid and wow i could see everything i loved them and i did some crazy off roading with out any issues

    i would def go with hid! hands down

    what i would do if i were you is search craig list for some fog lights that have H4 bulbs which are the same head lights as on the xjs buy them just for the housing and get some 55w hid bulbs off of this site i forget what it is i can ask my friend tomorrow if you really want it but i had them in mine they are the cheapest ive found never gave me a prob and have a life time warranty


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