Well I bought me a "new" cj yesterday with a known broken T-86 trans.

I got her home and was poken around on her, did not take the top off but was trying to shift thur the gears and could not find first or reverse but did make the ole girl roll a little in 2nd. and stopped there.

I don't know nothing about transmissions but can rebuild engines so I do know which end of the wrench to turn.

Any Suggestions on what to do know?

2nd question

I also bought from someone else a t-90/spicer 18 for a mere $40. It has been out of a jeep for something like 5 years is what the guy told me. he was going to use it for a rock crawler project and never got off the ground. the top is not on the t-90, been lost and left open. it is free and will move around ok but still has been exposed to god nows what. Again what should I be looking at when eyeballing down thur the top?

I am thinking of just rebuilding the one on the ground now and sticking it in with new clutch pack, alignment bearing, and have the flywheel surfaced and call it good.