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    2006 Jeep TJ Radio Install

    Ive had my jeep a couple of months but I guess im still somewhat new...

    I just recently purchased an Alpine CD-A-105 Radio for my 2006 Jeep Tj "X". The radio has a couple of harness with it but I have no idea what they are for, Dash kit for my 06, spacers, and trim pieces. When I bought it I was told they will plug right in but others tell me I need to splice wires. I do have the sound bar, or Pods. But I was told that I do not have the stock sub woofer in my console as it goes deep, and not shallow as a sub equipped would. The radio is out of a 99 Tj and was in for a week before that jeep was totaled. It plugged right in on the 99 as it didn't have a sound bar. So I guess my question is, If i splice the sound bar in, which wires need to be spliced? Is there anyway to tell the positive speaker wire, i.e Color?

    Any Help/Advice?

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    According to the 2006 TJ service manual, the speaker wires are colored as follows:

    Left Front negative = DG/BR
    LF pos=DG
    RF neg=GY/BR
    RF pos=GY
    LR neg=DG/OR
    LR pos=DG/DB
    RR neg=GY/OR
    RR pos=GY/DB

    Hope this helps

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    the 99 and the 06 have different harness's i would jut go pickup the harness dapter for the 06 and cut off the old one and wire it up so it will plug into the factory wiring.

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    If you buy from Crutchfield, you get the correct harness AND instructions.

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    the tj is easy no overpriced crutchfield instructions necessary.

    1. obtain proper harness and mounting kit from stereo shop, best buy, etc (may also need antenna adapter)

    2. cut off old vehicle side harness

    3. solder new vehicle side harness to radio harnes matching like colors (its nice when there is a standard)

    4. remove defroster vent trim panel from top of dash (start at one end and work your way along)

    5. remove 2 screws from top of center dash bezel (these were revealed by removing the defroster trim)

    6. pull bezel free from dash

    7. unscrew radio from dash

    8. disconnect wiring and antenna from radio

    9. following instruction with mounting kit make sure it will mount to your vehicle (some need parts removed)

    10. slide mounting sleeve for radio into mounting kit (noting the top facing up when applicable)

    11. mount kit and sleeve assembly to dash using the screws from the factory radio

    12. plug harness into radio and into factory wiring though the sleeve, also connect antenna lead

    13. slide radio into sleeve

    14. test radio for proper functioning

    15. while enjoying your new radio remount the dash bezel and install the 2 top screws.

    16. reinstall defroster vent trim panel

    17. enjoy beverage of choice and be happy you didnt overpay


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