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    performance chips for 4.0L

    I've been looking to get some more power and mileage out of my 4.0L. Heard of the $69 chip that is out there. Anyone know anything about that or something different?

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    Ill be keeping a eye on this, i got a 4.0L too

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    Dude, stay AWAY from those $69 "chips". They're simple resistors that trick your engine into thinking your fuel is running too lean, so it forces more fuel/air into the combustion chambers. The resistors come from Radio Shack and cost about $.98 for 6. They can ruin your engine, and your check engine light will remain on.
    I've tried Jetchip plug n play stage 2 chips, and they worked ok. I've been using a Superchips Flashpaq for a couple of years and I love it. It was around $280, but it reads and clear diagnostic codes/check engine lights, you can adjust your engine for performance (87 and 91 octane), towing, or fuel mileage. It plugs into your OBDII port and walks you through the steps. You can adjust for new gear ratios, tire sizes, shift points for auto trans, rev limiter, top speed, etc. If you have a Rubicon, you can adjust the crawl ration/speed, use your lockers in 2wd, 4hi, and 4lo. It's simple and free to update the software online. You just hook it to your computer with the USB cable. I'm completely happy with this thing.
    Superchips is releasing a new tuner called the Vivid, and man do I want that! It's a tuner, gps, notepad (like the ipad), has bluetooth, etc. The only drawback is it's about $600.
    Anyway, that's my input from experience with chips/tuners for a 4.0 TJ. Good luck, but stay away from the cheapo ebay crap.



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