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    HP D44 questions

    I found a HP D44 I want, only problem is it has an empty diff. Gears aren't an issue because I planned on regearing anyway. I am a little curious on the carrier though. ARB lockers do not need a carrier do they? I doubt I will be able to budget that, so I was thinking about a Detroit or Aussie or something similar. These still need a carrier from an open diff, correct?
    The axle has locking hubs, which I have never dealt with other then locking them in on stock trucks. If I get a locker like a Detroit, it would basically be like an open diff while the hubs are unlocked, then when I lock the hubs it would be fully locked?

    I don't want a full time locker because I do a lot of highway driving, but I don't want to lose my locker when I go D44. If I could just put a Detroit in it and still unlock it, that would be great.

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    ARB's and Detroit lockers (for the D44) both replace the open carrier. You will need an open carrier for the Aussie locker.

    I would not say the front axle behaves like an open diff when the hubs are unlocked. It behaves like no diff.


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