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    Turbo, super charger and/or chip ??

    I have an 03 Wrangler with a 5 speed transmission and am looking for more power. I am running 35's and have regeared to 4.55's.
    I am looking for more power coming from a light as well as more power when running on the highway.

    Does anyone have any experience in using any of these modifications?
    Is it worth the money or should I just accept the fact that I am driving a jeep and not a porsche?

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    It's not a sports car, if you want more power regear to 4.88, 5.13 or 5.38. 4.56 is a little small for 35s you probably should have done 4.88s to begin with. Chips are waste of money, you will get more HP but only about 2% at full throttle. Turbos are fine but they have turbo lag, a supercharger may help, but in the end you best bet is to replace the I6 with a V8 if you are serous about having more power.


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