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    good 4.0l cam????

    i just had a stroker done and the comp cam i put in there wiped out the cam bearings. the same thing had happened to my brother with that cam grind #.it was for the efi with mild lift.

    what cams have any of you guys had luck with?

    mind you i had new cam bearings - new valve train and springs - and breaking additive for flat tappet and it failed.

    i'm sure i won't do crain cams,
    maybe mopar purple <- will that work with stock springs?

    i could proly warranty the comp but its a gamble in my mind

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    Cool on the stroker I run a 4.7 myself with a Clifford Cam. Crane is out of business, I here good things about Lunati Voodoo Cams. But if I was building my stroker again I would seriously look at these guys camshaft

    The only roller for a Jeep that i know of.

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    I used to run a race engine machine shop and have built in my lifetime no less than 350-400 engines (7 258/4.0s in there). Out of all those, I've never seen a cam cause a cam bearing failure. Improper bearing installation, poor lubrication (was the engine primed?), wrong size bearings or dropped (hard) camshaft maybe? The last 2 making it almost impossible to install the cam unless the bearings were undersized and then you'd have lubrication issues throughout due to no pressure.

    Just trying to help you out, not casting judgment, but there may be underlying issues. I'd start by measuring the cam journal diameters and compare them with the bearings to compute clearances. Requires precision calipers and bore micrometers which any legit machine shop will have. Only the cam bearings failed? What were symptoms? Lobe conditions? Check the rest of the engine bearings?

    My bet would be the cam bearings/cam were the result of something else.

    All of the major cam manufacturers are so automated and dialed in these days that it is FAR more likely a failure on the user end than the manufacturers end. They all use the same material and build-up-grind process. One brand over the other should really be decided on what specs they offer. With the break-in process for cams and especially on newly built engines where it can be hard to get them cranked and running on initial start, it's easy for them to fail and attract the blame-when sooooo many other factors are involved.

    And just to throw it in there, rule #1 on engine building: CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS. aka: STERILE

    Ironically, I have that same 4.0 FI cam (there's only one) in my 258/4.0 head.


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