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    possible drive train swap, would you do it?

    Here's where I am at;
    My stock axles are getting worn out. I need to rebuild the brakes on the 35, and I think the spider gears are starting to get worn. On the 30, the drivers side ball joints, and passanger side wheel bearing, are starting to get some play in them. I've priced parts to fix all of this, and I'm looking at probably $400 to $500 just for parts. Yes, I know I could get cheaper parts, but if I'm going to take the time to fix it, I want to use quality parts.

    I've done a little looking, and I have found two possible options(other than fixing).

    option 1: I found a set of stock 4cylinder YJ axles (the 4.10 gears would be an improvement over my stock 6 cylinder gearing, especally with my 33's). The front has a posi-lok, and the rear has some type of lunch box locker.

    option 2: I found a complete '79 F150 (44 front, 9" rear) that I could use as a donor.

    option 1 pro's
    will bolt right in
    same lug patern/no need for new wheels

    option 1 con's
    it's still a 30 and 35
    locker (con because I'll probably end up breaking a shaft sooner)
    axles won't be available till spring

    option 2 pro's
    purchase price is good
    better axles
    possibility of swapping the entire drive train over to the jeep (351M, auto)
    might be able to sell off the body and frame to recover some money

    option 2 con's
    it's a '79, so I'd have to either use the ford front suspension(coils & radius arms), or retube the axle to be able to keep leaf springs.
    would have to get new wheels
    even though the purchase price is good, if I did a full drive train swap, the cost would end up being quite a bit more.
    wife would NOT be happy about another truck sitting in the drive.

    So, if you were in this situation, what would you do?

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    go with option 3 and wait on the 60, you said most is JUST starting to get some play, replace what is bad... ball joints, wheel bearing if needs be, and brakes leave the rest till it goes, then re-evaluate, maybe in a couple months you can find the 60s and do it then,


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