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    Help! Chugging, white smoke, smells burnt, won't idle, doesn't want to accelerate.

    last weekend we replaced the fuel pump (manual pump) because whenever the tank got low'ish on gas the Jeep would want to die on idle (but ran fine otherwise).
    The filter was good, it was already new, replaced a few months ago.
    Replaced a fuel line from pump to block - it's fine, and tight.

    It drove "just fine" for 2 days, then this morning totally crapped out.

    I did notice more pronounced white smoke yesterday starting it up (hubby says it always has some white smoke in the cold morning, something about it being carburetor-related normal), but it idled and ran great! Did not smoke after warming up.

    Today, we made it about a block and then it wouldn't idle, it chugged while idling, chugged when accelerator is pressed, sounds like a choking Big Foot when driving, when idling with accelerator pressed (had stop signs on the way home) white smoke out of the tail pipe, smells like burnt something (can't put my finger on the smell), doesn't appear to have a rattling sound, but the choking sound drowns out everything, sounded like some backfire but I'm not sure.

    The temp is fine.
    The oil looks fine, smells smokey.
    The antifreeze reserve tank is clean and doesn't appear to have any oil in it.
    The plugs/wire/cap/rotor/pcv valve are all new and fine.

    We're pretty much at a loss.
    We noticed the carb looks like it has seepage around the bottom of it. (?)
    It just does NOT want to go.

    Any suggestions or ideas are appreciated!!

    4.2L, I6, carb

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    Blue smoke = oil
    Black smoke = Fuel
    White = steam pull the spark plugs and see if they are fouling. Whats the temp been like up there?

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    A couple of things, Take some starter fluid and spray around the base of the carb and vaccume lines, while it's running. If it idles up you have a vaccume leak. Also around the intake manifold gasket. Then, what carb are you running? The stock BBD carb has been known to give you similar problems. And yes check spark plugs. If it blue smoke (like mine was) it's burning oil. But I would check everything else out first.


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