The latest BMW Vision Future Luxury concept unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show recently has been described as ‘modern luxury’. It has been dubbed as the next 7 series and is a flagship four door saloon known for its monocoque technology.
The body of this beauty has been created with carbon fiber and aluminum that provides not only its striking sleek design but also improves fuel efficiency by reducing the drag. The interior of the car has been built using subtractive modeling, meaning that the interior of the car has been layered using different materials such as wood, leather trim, surface carbon fiber and structural aluminum. With the help of smart designing, BMW were able to save weight and conserve material. See if you can spot the difference between the BMW and other cars with this car quiz!
This latest BMW has been created thoughtfully to include a personal touch which could not have been created by a computer. The car has an appearance similar to a coupé with its flashy roofline and the use of lightweight components for a subtle classic look. The headlights of the next 7 series use laser light technology, and the inside of the car is laced with wood and leather which creates a comfortable appearance for the interiors. The dash comes with its own set of play toys; the left side has a 3D display of oncoming vehicles, whilst the right side comes with a sophisticated infotainment system. There is also an incredible driver’s interface which has been built around the infotainment system with the latest BMW ConnectedDrive concierge, and also has clear display that provides information to the driver’s line of sight.
The head up display that relays the information to the driver is fascinating; there is a touch sensitive panel for the passengers sitting in the front which can be used however you please – be it purchasing tickets to the Opera or catching up on your favorite TV show. The rear seating also has its own personal display system and is capable of controlling all of the secondary functions, as well as displaying all information that is available to the front seat passengers. The next 7 series is what BMW calls taking luxury to a whole new level, and when it launches next year, it is expected to take the luxury car segment by storm.