If you have a large family and you’re looking to buy a car that everyone can comfortably fit into whether you’re driving to the shops or to France, then a 7-seater car is an ideal choice for you. A car with seven seats is perfect, because not only does it have enough room for up to seven people but there is usually enough room in the boot to store a decent amount of luggage, which is obviously great if you decide to drive somewhere on holiday (though with up to five children in the back of the car, that may not be the best option for you). Checking the safety and security features of the car is also imperative as you do not want to compromise on these factors if the whole family is going to be together.
Vehicle size matters as well – as there are 7-seater cars available in the market from different automobile manufacturers, some of which are designed to be compact and stylish and some of which are bulky, spacious and highly comfortable for passengers and drivers alike. Depending upon the size of your garage space, your budget and brand preferences as well as other factors, you can choose which of the available models you want to buy. It is important to note that cars in Europe are generally differently sized than those available in the U.S. because of the different driving conditions and road regulations that are in force there, so it’s probably best not to go down the importing route unless you’re absolutely certain about what you’ll end up with.
It’s clear, then, that the two things you should be looking for in a 7-seat car are impeccable safety features and a decent amount of space on the inside so that nobody’s feeling squashed and uncomfortable. Which are the best options available in 2014?

The Chrysler Grand Voyager* – The Chrysler Grand Voyager offers futuristic features and world-class interiors. The interiors and the exterior of the car are designed tastefully and elegantly – you’d expect nothing less coming from one of the world’s most renowned car manufacturers. The Grand Voyager has a stowable table as well as rotating seats, highlighting the versatility Chrysler wanted to add to the car. As far as luxury people carriers go, you can’t do much better than this.

Nissan Rogue – Revealed by Nissan at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2013, this compact SUV is already in the news for all the right reasons, from its reasonable pricing to its additional third seating row. It is not easy to find cars with a third row of seating these days but Nissan, keeping in mind the needs of many families, has added one without compromising on any aspect of automobile engineering, consumer experience, safety or performance. It is smaller in size than the Grand Voyager, however.

Hyundai Santa Fe – This car is predicted to be one of the flagships SUVs for 2014 and is currently in pole position to storm the market currently dominated by mid-priced cars like the Toyota Fortuner, the Nissan Duster and the Chevrolet Captiva. A revamp of the previous Santa Fe range, it looks set to be a continuation of the range in terms of high performance levels at an affordable price.

Audi Q7 – The Q-series has been in the market for a while and has sold well worldwide. However, the new Audi Q7, which is scheduled to arrive in the latter part of 2014, will apparently boast many changes that will improve on its mileage, ensure a superior performance and raise the bar of driving pleasure substantially for those who buy it.

Renault Grand Scenic Renault has been a big hitter in the people carrier market for several years now, and the latest model in its popular Scenic series looks set to continue the trend. The car takes a very family-friendly approach to interior design, with cubbyholes for storing bits and pieces located around the inside to make the most of the limited amount of space. Renault has also been concentrating on improving its reliability record in recent years and the result is a car capable of resisting the natural wear and tear inflicted upon it by daily family use.

Ford Galaxy – One of the bonuses of buying a people carrier is the high amount of luggage space that you can take advantage of, and the Ford Galaxy is certainly testament to that. Even with all seven seats up and operational, owners can still utilize over three hundred liters of space, and turn that into nearly 2,500 when the rear two seats are stowed. Features include parking sensors, but owners will have a difficult choice to make between the heavy fuel consumption petrol version or the low-powered diesel version.

Fiat 500L MPW – As one of the smallest seven-seater MPVs on the market, the size of this model will immediately be a draw to those who want to be able to negotiate city streets with ease. Its engines (including a two-cylinder 900cc TwinAir engine and a 1.6L diesel version) are extremely prudent in terms of fuel economy, ensuring that spend-conscious families won’t be taken for a ride as far as running costs for their new car are concerned.
This list of cars with seven seats to watch out for in 2014 is relatively comprehensive, but there are obviously many more options available – weigh up what you’re looking for and try and get the car that does everything you want it to while keeping you as safe and secure as possible at a price that falls within your budget. Let the hunting commence!

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