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    The most common air conditioning problems and their simple solutions

    2 Comments by admin Published on 01-07-2014 08:38 PM
    Air conditioning systems can be a complex and difficult element of a vehicle to keep on top off, even though they are fitted as standard to just about every vehicle that comes off the production line.
    The complexity of air conditioning and the plethora of problems that can arise with this area of a car means it is vital drivers do what they can to keep the system in tip-top condition.
    Keeping air conditioning running smoothly is not only an issue during the warmer months when you require it to cool your vehicle, air conditioning has a role to play in the winter months as well.
    It can help you demist and clear foggy windows by drawing the humidity out of the air and defrost your windows quicker, so it is important to carry out regular checks and maintenance.
    We’ve taken a look at some of the most common problems you’ll come up against in this area and the simple solutions that will reduce the pressure and strain on your wallet or purse.
    Pungent aromas
    Nobody likes driving or travelling in a car that has a nasty smell in the cabin. While you could spend hours trying to find some old food or sweaty gym kit left in the car by a family member, it’s likely the odour will be coming from the air conditioning system.
    Over time bacteria, fungi and microorganisms can live and grow in your air conditioning system, giving out a particularly strong smell if not dealt with and removed.
    There are a number of solutions to this issue, with the easiest option being to use an odour neutraliser. Spraying this into the air conditioning vents and putting it into recirculation mode will put an end to the nasty smells and make your car a pleasure to drive once again.
    Low refrigerant levels
    Low refrigerant levels can occur through no fault of your own and can reduce the effectiveness of an air conditioning system. Over time the system will naturally lose refrigerant and manufacturers recommended charging a car’s air conditioning every two years or so.
    While this is not something you can take on yourself, spotting it early – when the air conditioning begins to labour – is key. You can then take it to a trained professional who will be able to complete the work in a matter of minutes.
    Taking a vehicle to any*ATS Euromaster*service centre will see you driving away with a fully-charged car air conditioning system in minutes.
    Moisture is a major problem for car air conditioning units, as any liquid that makes its way into the system contaminates the air conditioner and it will fail to cool the surroundings effectively.
    If moisture has entered your system it is important to remove it and also find the area where it entered. Switching on the air conditioning unit and checking the compressor, compressor clutch switch, fuses, wires, fan belt and compressor seal are functioning adequately is important.
    These can be easily changed and sealed once again to prevent further moisture from entering the system.

    Source: http://www.carversation.com/2014/01/...ple-solutions/

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