The Citroen Picasso is already a well-established favourite when it comes to MPVs and the all-new 2014 model is certainly intended to play to these strengths by adding even more features, space and flexibility to earn it even more plaudits and admirers.
Whats new?
In brief summary, the Grand C4 Picasso that you will find at your Citroen dealer will give you a greater feeling of cabin space, improved efficiency, better dynamics and plenty of seating options, plus more of those quirky looks that have proved so popular with the UK buying public.
One of the main selling points for the Grand C4 Picasso when it comes to the interior, is the fantastic all round visibility you get with plenty of glass and not many pillars to get in the way.
There is plenty of versatility when it comes to accommodating all shapes and sizes of passengers with plenty of headroom, legroom and sliding, reclining and folding seats to offer you plenty of options without the arguments.
The third row of extra seats can be folded away when not needed and even those offer comfort when in use, due to the fact that there is a footwell for your feet.
The choice of extras can include a DAB digital radio, powered tailgate and keyless entry together with parking sensors, amongst a host of features to keep everyone comfortable and entertained.
Driving experience
What you get in terms of driving experience with the Grand C4 Picasso is a vehicle that is comfortingly stable and assured on the road but if you choose the 1.6 diesel version for example, it would be asking too much to expect a pulse-raising response when you press down on the accelerator, but it is certainly a smooth reaction rather than a fast one.
If you plan to do a fair amount of motorway driving then it is fair to say that this car compares favourably in terms of road noise compared to other rival MPVs.
The performance figures vary between models as you would expect. The VTi 120 1.6 litre petrol C4 offers fuel economy of around 44.8mpg and CO2 emissions of 145g/km whereas the e-HDi 115 version delivers an average 70.6mpg and CO2 emissions of 105g/km.
The low emissions achieved by the Grand C4 Picasso overall, make it an attractive proposition for those looking to go down the company car route and the high level of standard equipment offered at entry-level together with some competitive list prices, means that plenty of private buyers will feel they are getting a lot of car for their money.
If the Grand C4 Picasso was selling itself on a dating site and describing itself as fun and practical, when it came to meting up with its suitor in person it is unlikely to disappoint and who knows it could the start of a long-lasting love affair with a model that is so much more than just another MPV.
Rhys Schofield is a passionate petrolhead. He loves blogging about innovative designs and new technology in the car industry.