The BMW X1 is the fourth X model in the German manufacturer’s line-up and has quickly become a favourite among fleet managers for its size, economy, practicality and spaciousness – in other words, all the things which business people look for when picking out a company car.
As the bigger brother to the 1 Series, the X1 follows the same rules and is slightly shorter than the 3 Series. This means that it is easy to manoeuvre around town and park in tight spots, while there is still plenty of space in the back for passengers and a uniquely-shaped boot for cargo or the golf clubs.
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So what makes the BMW X1 Diesel Estate perfect for work purposes? Well, to start with the range of engines is very efficient and economical which will give your organisation low running costs.
According to Parkers, the estimated price of fuel based on travelling 10,000 miles per year ranges between 1,041 and 1,467. This is calculated by using the model’s average miles per gallon (mpg) figure, including both town and motorway performance, and a cost of diesel of 142p per litre.
The fuel economy rating of 119 places it in the C-band, while the emissions summary clocks in at 179 and in the I-band. Even when compared to a normal hatchback, the X1 belies its off-roader status and is incredibly fuel efficient, picking up a 4.5-star rating by Parkers.
One of the main reasons for this is because of BMW’s Efficient Dynamics technology, which includes automatic stop/start on all manual models. This will cut the engine off in stationary traffic before firing up again when required. Motorists can benefit from a three per cent improvement in fuel consumption, with the xDrive 20d Efficient Dynamics model achieving an impressive 62.8mpg and 119g/km in terms of CO2 emissions.
When it comes to company car tax, the sDrive 20d Efficient Dynamics model has a P11D value of 26,035, alongside a BIK band of 18 per cent. Taking this into account, the annual amount of company car tax payable based on the driver’s income tax level stands at 937 for 20 per cent and 1,874 at 40 per cent.
Safety and reliability will also be important considerations for businesses, with the X1 being awarded the maximum five-star rating for crash safety by Euro NCAP. It received high scores for adult and occupant safety, thanks to six onboard airbags, ABS, brake force display and daytime driving lights.
Parkers also gives the BMW X1 4.5 stars out of five for its reliability, with businesses well aware that more time spent in the garage equals less time out on the road getting to meetings.
The website added that there are rarely any issues with the X1 range of vehicles and that it feels as “robust” as any off roader should.