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    Leaking Fuel Injector

    I noticed a gas smell while driving my 88 Comanche...inline 6.....FI.
    That and it seemed the truck was using a lot more fuel than usual.

    On several recent occasions, I opened the hood and looked for a fuel leak, and I also climbed under the truck with the engine running to look.....no sign of a leak.

    Yesterday, it was worse than usual.
    As I was in the woods cutting fire wood, and the gas gage was really low, I figured that I'd better search a little closer.

    With the engine running, the injector on #6 was leaking.
    I couldn't really tell. but it seems it was a fine spray coming from the top of the injector ..O-ring?...that was almost impossible to see.
    The closer I looked, I realized that the injector was a lot cleaner than the rest.
    This was because of the continuous wash down it was getting.
    That spray was durn near invisible.

    I wiggled it a little, and the leak got worse.
    I also wiggled the injector on #5 a little, and it started leaking too!
    Time to head for home before I have no fuel left.

    Anyway, I'm going to get some new O-rings today and replace them this evening.
    I'm hoping that it's only the O-rings, and not a damaged injector.
    What are the odds?

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    there are little o-rings on there. make sure you use the proper replacement. not all o-rings are gas-proof. and be extra careful when removing the assembly. there are plenty of ways to break parts in the procedure.


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