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  7. 66 cj-5 with a "Broken" t-90, suggestions on what's next
  8. Upgrade diesel CJ7
  9. Who has welded an AMC 20 axle
  10. Troubleshooting Brake lights
  11. HELP!!! 82 cj7 fuel tank ???
  12. A Question About A Gas Tank
  13. Is this Blow By ? Not Sure
  14. Intuitive ways to attach you hardtop
  15. Anyone equip their jeep with a fuel cell??
  16. More exhaust advice
  17. Dana 44 width vs amc 20?
  18. Ok I cant decide. What would you guys do?
  19. 4.5" RE YJ kit onto my CJ
  20. Fiberglass body? Good/Bad?
  21. Looking at picking up a CJ-5
  22. T5 bit the dust
  23. Hydraulic clutch issues.. needs adjust?
  24. Holley Fuel Pressure Regulator
  25. Worthwhile repairs to look for in a CJ?
  26. good 4.0l cam????
  27. Installing a Locker, What Else do I Need?
  28. amc 304 timing help
  29. MSD ignition