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  6. Engine will not idle with A/C on
  7. Transmission
  8. performance chips for 4.0L
  9. Wrangler parked for 4 weeks now lifter noise!
  10. Popping noise even after u joint replacement at low speeds
  11. 97 TJ O2 sensor
  12. 7.3l power stroke diesel in a CJ8
  13. HP D44 questions
  14. off road carb for sbc
  15. How did you decide?
  16. Aussie Locker no more??
  17. `70 CJ, will it fit a V8?
  18. How to remove brake drum on a dana 35
  19. 2.5l Stroker?
  20. Turbo, super charger and/or chip ??